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Dry and Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning

We provide all inclusive Dry Carpet Cleaning. This means there is never an up charge or any hidden fees. Our service includes the removal of all stains and spots. some furniture moved, carpet deodorizing and PH Balance of your carpet keeping it clean longer and leaving no residue. Your carpet will be soft and supple and never have that crunchy feeling you get with steam or wet cleaning. Carpet are ready to use in about one hour. 

expert Furniture Cleaning

Our All inclusive Upholstery Cleaning will bring your furniture back to life. We start by deep cleaning your furniture to remove dirt, grime dead skin, pet odors, newspaper ink and stains.After your furniture with our non toxic family friendly green cleaner we extract everything and your furniture is ready to use withing a couple of hours. 

Mattress Sterilization

Our multi-part mattress sterilization protocol will have you sleeping soundly again. We start by deep cleaning your mattress with a high powered vacuum. This will remove allergens, deed skin and dust mites. We then expose your mattress to UV Light to kill germ,viruses and bacteria. A natural and safe enzyme is misted onto your mattress to sanitize the surface and neutralize odors. In most case mattress are ready to use in one hour.