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Dear Nick,

Your Guy did a great job and appreciate it. My Carpet looked great when you left and it still does 3 months later. Please tell that other guy, I forgot his name, thanks for cleaning the dust off the bedroom ceiling fan and shelf. He didn't have to do that but it was nice thaert he took upon himself to help us out. You business the right way and my wife and I appreciate it. 

Robert and Gail Constantino, Apex,NC

My entire life my family used steam cleaners to clean our carpets. We were quite skeptical about using a dry cleaner. My neighbor recommended Green Dry and urged us to try it. She said if I wasn't happy with the job they did, she would pay for it. I must say I was quite impressed. Our carpets looked amazing and being able to walk on it immediately was a real bonus as we usually had to turn on the air conditioner or heat and stay off the carpet for several hours and just deal with the kid's damp socks for a day. When Daniel from Green Dry left, our home smelled fresh and our carpet was actually softer and fluffier. 

Samantha E. Bellevue, NE

I have an old long-haired dog that has accidents all over the house. I was skeptical about how well "green"products work since I've already tried every chemical under the sun to get the stain(and the smell) out of my carpet. Nothing worked. But a friend recommended Green Dry so I gave you a shot. I'm so glad that i did! The stains and smell are gone and it's been three weeks now! Also, I couldn't believe what came out of my carpet that a regular vacuum can't get! Yuck! You guys are the bI'll see you again this spring!

Patty Frenhite, Raleigh,NC

You Guys never cease to amaze me. Whatever it is you put down just absorbs dirt like crazy. I love that my carpet doesn't crunch when you guys clean it. That is the one things that always bothered me about shampoo cleaning. the crunch after it dries. 

Bobby G, Chapel Hill,NC

My Parent would have killed me if they saw what the living room looked like when they got home from the beach. Thank you so much for coming right over and taking care of our little accident. Anonymous, Carrboro,NC